I nternational racing has been part of Ravinder Sethi s professional life for around 12 years now The managing di rector of the trade fair logistics company R E Rogers India has handled the logistics for the Indian Grand Prix three times The Formula One race took place in Greater Noi da near Delhi from 2011 to 2013 To this day he goes into raptures when he talks about this mega event Because the Formula One season goes from one circuit to another throughout the world prodigious logistical and organisational efforts were required The procedure involved 200 sea freight containers filled with a wide range of materials the rac ing cars and the radio and TV equipment Boeing 747 cargo aircraft were also required Almost as soon as the previous race in Seoul was finished the goods were transported to Delhi within two days recalls Sethi We completed customs clearance and handover in a day Ten years later he got involved in motor racing again when another motor sport high light the Indian Motorcycle Grand Prix was held for the first time It took place in the second half of September at the former For mula One track the Buddh International Cir cuit of Greater Noida The aim of the event was not least to give a boost to motorcycle racing in India And Ravinder Sethi and the rest of the R E Rogers India team found themselves in the thick of things again as the proud official logistics company Sea freight containers and a total of eight Boeing 747 cargo aircraft were again required around 440 tonnes of air freight and 30 containers of sea freight were transported in all both in bound and outbound To handle the logis tics for a mammoth event like this we need as much of our own infrastructure as possi ble says Sethi who has a large fleet of ve hicles In addition you need your own highly experienced staff people who know immediately what to do The detailed preparations for the Indian Motorcycle Grand Prix began months before the event We had to get permits and apply for licences recalls Sethi And as with all large events we had to set up our own base locally the nerve centre of all the logistical activities This included important things like mobile offices customs areas security catering and the company s own WiFi net work To ensure communication works well overall all participants have to be on the same wavelength And Sethi has nothing but praise for the organisers of the international motorcycle race in that regard He expects the efforts made to contribute to the Grand Prix to pay off not just in the short term Ravinder Sethi was delighted to receive the contract and every inch the businessman initially on ly thought in terms of the num ber of containers However while working on the event he became increasingly aware of the huge medium term poten tial of the motorcycle industry in India www rogersworldwide india com PB 50 TradeFairs Internation al 3 4 2023 INTERNATIONAL INDIA People who know what to do The world s best motorcyclists descended on a motor racing circuit near Delhi in September Huge logistical efforts and a great deal of experience were required to make the event happen Einsatz in Greater Noida Um ein Großereignis logistisch abzuwi ckeln braucht es Equipment und erfahrene Mitarbeiter Project in Greater Noida To handle the logistics of a big event it takes equipment and experienced staff P ho to R E R og er s In di a

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