M esse Stuttgart s event calendar for 2023 features three trade fairs and conventions revolving around tech nologies of the future Volta X hy fcell and Quantum Effects Two of them Volta X and Quantum Effects were held for the first time this year Launching new prod ucts on the market can take a very long time but it can also happen quickly explains Roland Bleinroth president of Messe Stutt gart They each have their own story A lot depends on whether a trade fair company de velops the new product itself all the way from the initial idea to the launch or whether it s a question of an external organiser looking for a suitable venue A variety of constellations are therefore conceivable Take Volta X for example It opened its doors for the first time in the first quarter of the year providing answers to im portant questions about the transition to re newable energy Smart solutions are required for energy generation control technology and storage Volta X was developed by the Ger man Energy Storage Systems Association BVES which conceived it in close coopera tion with Messe Stuttgart expands Blein roth Held in parallel with eltefa a well es tablished trade fair for electrical engineering electronics renewable energy building serv ices and industrial automation the circum stances were ideal for its launch Quantum Effects a trade fair and confer ence revolving around quantum technologies and held for the first time in October came about differently it s one of Messe Stuttgart s own trade fairs The idea is to build bridges between the scientific start up and business communities and make it clear just how wide a variety of applications quantum technolo gies have Our new product development team started thinking about quantum tech nologies years ago now says Roland Blein roth explaining the event s genesis The Quantum Effects concept was then refined We did that in close cooperation with indus try associations research institutes and part ners in the industry Messe Stuttgart then took the plans to the state government of Baden Württemberg which liked the idea and promised to support it Due to the impor tance of quantum technologies to Baden Württemberg Winfried Kretschmann the state s minister president announced at an early stage that he would be attending Another of Messe Stuttgart s future ori ented events is the international trade fair and convention hy fcell which encourages knowledge transfer networking and exchange in the hydrogen and fuel cell community It is another of Messe Stuttgart s own events organized by the fair company for the second time in mid September Originally known as f cell the event was initially launched in 2001 on the initiative of the Stuttgart Region Eco nomic Development Corporation WRS The WRS had already recognised the importance of hydrogen and fuel cells over 20 years ago Initially just a conference the event has since grown and acquired an accompanying exhibi tion as well as a new name hy fcell www messe stuttgart de PB 24 FOCUS TradeFairs Internation al 3 4 2023 TRADE FAIRS CONGRESSES Keeping the future in mind Business models have to keep evolving It can make good strategic sense to come up with new trade fair formats especially when the content has a future oriented focus Mitte September fand die hy fcell zum zweiten Mal in Eigenregie der Messe Stuttgart statt In mid September hy fcell was orga nized for the second time by Messe Stuttgart Ph ot o L an de sm es se S tu tt ga rt

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