T his is the highest award for sustain ability yet awarded by the DGNB to an existing convention building The modernisation and rebuilding work carried out for the new Congress Center Hamburg CCH caused only 50 percent of the carbon emissions of an equivalent new build 25 000 tonnes of carbon emissions were thus saved according to the decision makers at Hamburg Messe und Congress HMC The new CCH which is the result of a joint design effort by agn leusmann and Tim Hupe Architekten is one of the most up to date convention centres in Europe and with a total area of 36 000 square metres it is also one of the largest The modernisation and modification work on the venue which is now operated by HMC was carried out by Sprinkenhof Sustainability was taken into account right from the outset of the revitalisation of the CCH emphasises Andreas Rieckhof Hamburg s state councillor at the office of economic affairs and innovation Sustain ability goals were set out in the design com petition and the entries were measured against these in the assessment The new CCH makes a significant contribution to the economy and image of the city and is an im portant international venue at which scien tists exchange information he adds More over as he also points out sustainability is a key issue in the events industry Bernd Aufderheide HMC s president and CEO makes a similar point Sustainability is one of the key factors required in order to com pete Convention centres have to meet the highest standards when it comes to sustain ability and that s also something their cus tomers expect The revitalisation programme absolute ly transformed a building originally con structed in 1973 thanks to timeless mod ern architecture that places the focus firmly on the people using the building and puts it in the perfect position to meet both current and future requirements That aligns well with the approach of the German Sustainable Building Council DGNB The DGNB has de veloped its own certification system in order to facilitate the implementation of sustain able construction and make the results meas urable and thus comparable It was first used in 2009 Since then the system has gone from strength to strength and is now consid ered to be the most advanced approach in the world according to the decision makers at HMC who claim it is recognised as the global benchmark for sustainability Congress Center Hamburg finished the DGNB certification process with an overall rating of 76 7 percent thus qualifying for the gold award It is particularly striking that 85 percent of the timber products used in CCH are derived from sustainable forestry There was a systematic focus on using these environmentally friendly healthy products As a result of the strict selection and suitability criteria for the construction products the quality of the indoor air has been found to be very high In addition roof greening has improved the micro cli mate and LED technology ensures energy efficient light ing www cch de PB 22 FOCUS TradeFairs Internation al 3 4 2023 CONGRESSES Taken into account from the outset Following its recent revitalisation the CCH in Hamburg is the first existing German convention centre to be awarded a gold certificate by the German Sustainable Building Council DGNB Neueröffnung des CCH im Frühjahr 2022 v l Bernd Aufderheide Heike Mahmoud CCH Peter Tschentscher Hamburgs Erster Bürgermeister und Tim Hupe Reopening of the CCH in spring 2022 f l t r Bernd Aufderheide Heike Mahmoud CCH Peter Tschentscher Hamburg s first mayor and Tim Hupe Ph ot o H am bu rg M es se u nd C on gr es s R om an us F uh rm an n

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