sourcen die Verringerung des CO2 Ausstoßes und das Schaffen von Faktoren für einen kli mafreundlichen Betrieb der Hallen und Räu me So wird die Veranstaltungsstätte mit Brunnenwasser gekühlt für die Bewässerung der Grünflächen wird kein Trink sondern Grundwasser verwendet Aktuell prüfen wir mit welchem Betreibermodell wir geeig nete Dachflächen und Fassaden mit Photo voltaik bestücken können blickt Britta Wirtz voraus Und natürlich hat das Gelän de einschließlich seines Betriebes auch bei der EMAS Zertifizierung breiten Raum einge nommen www messe karlsruhe de PB Her highlights of the last two decades in clude prominent events at the dm arena that have enjoyed a high level of media coverage like political party conferences Festive occa sions such as the recent 50 year anniversary celebrations of the retailer dm Drogeriemarkt attended by German chancellor Olaf Scholz as well as many TV productions and concerts have also taken place there However there is one thing that seems much more important to Wirtz We have ensured through the ef forts we make on a day to day basis that the venue s capacity utilisation has constantly improved As a result we are now often faced with the welcome problem of having hardly any suitable slots to offer The space re quirements of its trade fairs have grown this year Learntec occupied all four halls for the exhibition halls for the first time and a third hall was added for exhibitors at Rehab Nu fam has filled all four halls since 2015 and has been taking up more and more outdoor exhibition space The most recent event re quired a total area of around 80 000 square metres That illustrates the success story of this venue which has had to compete for market share against tough competition ar gues Wirtz A number of improvements are imminent at Messe Karlsruhe Our plan to upgrade the third car park to form a multi purpose area is already being implemented We are creating an infrastructure that offers many options for outdoor events At the RecyclingAktiv and TiefbauLive trade fairs the area is used for product demonstrations for heavy machinery used in recycling or civil engineering And for concert organisers it is transformed into a festival site The construction work is expect ed to be completed in May 2024 By that time there will be a total of over 105 000 square metres of outdoor space Sustainability also figures large at Messe Karlsruhe in the form of the careful use of re sources the reduction of carbon emissions and efforts to keep the exhibition halls and rooms running in an environmentally friend ly way For instance the venue is cooled with well water and the green areas are watered using groundwater rather than drinking wa ter We are currently looking at putting solar panels on suitable roofs and building facades and are examining various operator models for that says Britta Wirtz with an eye to the future And when it comes to EMAS certifi cation the site and how it is operated do of course play an important role www messe karlsruhe de PB 20 FOCUS TradeFairs Internation al 3 4 2023 GERMANY 20 years of the new venue The trade fair centre on the outskirts of Karlsruhe opened exactly two decades ago Since then the capacity utilisation of its halls has continually increased A campaign was launched to mark the anniversary We gave some thought to who the trade fair centre has been there for over the last 20 years and for what purpose says Britta Wirtz Messe Karlsruhe s managing director That means not just the participants at both our own events and guest events but also our partners and service providers As a result we devel oped a campaign with seven motifs and state ments These are reflected on both our web site and our social media channels reports Wirtz Since the summer long term employ ees have been writing posts describing what the venue means to them And at the end of October there was a celebration event at the opening of offerta Together with the people who have been with us at the venue since the beginning we have been looking at its devel opment and future adds Wirtz Die Messen in Karlsruhe sind stetig gewachsen 2023 belegte die Learntec erstmalig alle vier Hallen Fairs in Karlsruhe have seen constant growth in 2023 Learntec occupied all four halls for the first time Ph ot o M es se K ar ls ru he Jü rg en R ös ne r

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