T rade shows are often a huge organisa tional and logistical challenge Even if things go well there is always room for improvement We can optimise conditions and processes for set up and dis mantling says Güray Saritas managing di rector of Europfast Internationale Spedition based in Neuhausen near Stuttgart He has launched the Changemaker initiative which is to help innovate the exhibition in dustry Exhibitors want to present their products in a sustainable manner points out Saritas In this context they need to look all the way down the line at the lorry driver He claims that drivers have to con tend with long idle times and restrictions and can often only access the exhibition grounds after paying a huge deposit which some times poses difficulties for them Even in oth er places these social aspects are not ade quately considered says Europfast s manag amounts of material being used in stand con struction and waste disposal processes often lack transparency observes Saritas Associ ations are taking action but in most cases there is no holistic approach shared by all their members This makes it difficult to im plement serious goals Therefore many players have to be brought on board preferably all those who are involved in trade fairs and can make a valuable contribution As a first step we want to recruit willing and committed allies Güray Saritas describes his strategy for really getting the Changemaker initiative rolling For that we need to convince exhibitors and service providers and raise awareness among the public for our cause Currently there is a lot of publicity for the project in the com munity with digitalisation also playing a ma jor role There will be workshops the results of which will be shared with the public Next year will be all about developing solutions together and 2025 is to produce very con crete results For this the partners will need a lot of stamina We know that Rome was n t built in a day concludes initiator Saritas Ultimately the parties involved can only do it together They have a common goal which is to avoid inefficient processes Inef ficiencies lead to costs and costs are some thing everyone wants to keep as low as pos sible www change maker io PB 80 TradeFairs Internation al 1 2 2023 PRACTICE TRADE FAIR LOGISTICS Getting change rolling Business social responsibility and environmental protection are the three levels of sustainable action The Changemaker initiative wants to drive holistic changes ing director citing inadequate sanitary facili ties around exhibition centres On the whole Changemaker not only wants to raise awareness for problems but also to create perspectives not least by thinking out of the box The initiative oper ates on three levels forming a kind of inter dependent magic triangle The business level is about traditional operational processes For example cargo space should be used optimally says Güray Saritas Fewer trips have a positive impact on costs carbon emis sions and hence on the environment Stand construction firms could work together and combine transports to make the best possible use of freight volumes On the social level the mentioned lorry drivers some of whom spend the night on crowded motorway lay bys should be treated respectfully And the third environmental level also has a great deal of untapped potential We still see huge Initiative Changemaker Der Blick muss bis hin zum letzten Glied der Kette dem Lkw Fahrer gehen Changemaker initiative We need to focus all the way down the line to the lorry driver Ph ot o E ur op fa st

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