F ive years after Prime Minister Naren dra Modi laid the foundation stone the opening is just around the corner According to an official government announcement India International Conven tion Exhibition Centre IICC will start op erating on 1 October 2023 As the IICC s of ficial operating company we will conduct a joint survey and assessment of the venue conditions after the physical completion of the venue Phil Chung looks ahead This will be followed by our trial conference called New Delhi NCR MICE Forum ex plains the CEO of Kinexin Convention Man agement This Forum will last until mid Oc tober and targets the events industry It will consist of IICC venue tours for organisers And there will be various international busi ness discussions between trade show con vention and event planners from in and out of India Plus There will be many global corporate event planners and industry jour 76 TradeFairs Internation al 1 2 2023 INTERNATIONAL INDIA IICC to open soon India s largest trade fair complex of the future will start operat ing this autumn with Phase I National and international organ isers can come to Delhi to get an impression Finding investment opportunities in India Phil Chung CEO of the operating company Kinexin talks about up coming developments for trade fairs at the IICC What will be the first exhibitions held at the IICC and when will they start Several trade shows will take place here at the IICC from mid October International events such as an airport show electricity in dustry show and international furniture shows are in discussion And starting in November there will be big exhibitions and conferences almost every month How is the booking situation for 2024 For 2024 there will be trade shows of various industry sectors They will include fitness well ness the plastics industry optics fintech EV smart mobility packaging machinery and more We re expecting a gradual increase of the shows and conferences over the next five years What will be special about trade fairs at the IICC Well Kinexin is inviting private equity ven ture capital and angel investors from inside and outside India to the shows at the IICC Here they can find lots of investment oppor tunities in India and this will eventually en rich our trade show business nalists coming to the forum as well says Chung The new India International Convention Exhibition Centre is a milestone for the emerging Indian trade fair industry also in terms of reachability In addition to state of the art buildings an international exhibition and congress centre definitely needs func tioning transport connections A lot has hap pened in this respect The transport infra structure will be incredibly well established by the time we open the IICC in October enthuses Phil Chung Most of the Urban Ex tension Road II and Dwarka Expressway will be constructed right next to the venue says the Kinexin CEO This will help the general public reach the venue easily by car Chung speaks of special highways that connect the venue to the international airport city centre and deluxe hotel complex You can al so travel to the venue by public transport The IICC metro station is already operational www iiccnewdelhi com PB Messehalle vor Vollendung Bis zur Inbetrieb nahme des IICC am 1 Oktober wird noch kräftig gearbeitet Exhibition hall be fore completion There is still a lot to be done before the IICC starts opera ting on 1 October Ph ot o K in ex in

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