loaded and unloaded and empty trucks to re turn Customers are also placing orders at shorter notice Have last minute orders increased and how can you respond with flexibility given the current circumstances We ve noticed that many exhibitors have been very late to plan their appearances at trade fairs this year They often leave it late to finally decide whether they will be ex hibiting at all and then how much they will be putting in the exhibition stand Personnel planning for setup and dismantling depends among other things on the order situation and the number of enquiries received Plan ning based on past experience from before the pandemic has become more difficult be cause trade fairs haven t returned yet in the same numbers or on the same scale as be fore Participants such as exhibitors or exhi bition stand construction companies need to plan further in advance and adopt a more careful approach so as not to put their trade fair appearances at risk How has DSV been affected by these devel opments and what is being done to find a solution We too are having problems finding skilled personnel Consequently we have begun to explore new ways of working at the work place In addition we are starting to train our skilled personnel for trade fair logistics our selves We have also adapted our processes to suit the new circumstances and are mak ing more use of digital resources In addition our teams have begun to think in new ways about trade fairs and develop new logistics concepts These con cepts are an even better fit for the requirements and wishes of our customers so they should contribute towards successful trade fair appear ances www dsv com PB 46 TradeFairs Internation al 4 2022 PRACTICE What is the current situation in international trade fair logistics and what are the big chal lenges Due to a shortage of freight capacity we are experiencing significant delays Sea freight shipping in particular is now hard to justify for trade fairs Customers are having to put up with much longer delivery times and con siderably higher costs And many sea freight shipments are currently a bit like a thriller you don t know what s going to happen Due to delays in departure and blank sailings it is virtually impossible to ensure on time deliv eries Air freight is also taking longer and costing more We are hearing about shortages of person nel and equipment in a great many service industries Is that true in the logistics indus try and if so what does it mean for trade fair logistics companies and their customers There is a shortage of skilled staff in all ar eas including commercial personnel ware house staff forklift drivers and transport workers On top of that the equipment need ed is no longer available to the extent it was before the pandemic And we currently have a situation where many large trade fairs at different venues in Germany are overlapping with each other causing further shortages The shortage of manpower is resulting in longer turnaround times which in turn lead to longer waiting times for goods to be TRADE FAIR LOGISTICS Longer term planning is essential In these turbulent times a lot of things have become more complicated In this interview with TFI Christian Rasche the general manager for fairs and events at DSV speaks about current developments Die Planung anhand der Erfahrungswerte vor der Pandemie ist schwieriger geworden Planning based on past experience from before the pandemic has become more difficult Ph ot o D SV Die DSV Teams haben angefangen Messe anders zu denken und neue logistische Konzepte entwickelt DSV teams have begun to think in new ways about trade fairs and develop new logistics concepts Ph ot o D SV

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