T he second half of the summer was quite a busy time for AsiaWorld Expo AWE Between 12 August and 12 September alone over 100 000 visitors flocked to the multipurpose venue The focus was on very different events The technology trade show Revive Tech Asia gathered the most influential minds from the world of IT and beyond to foster tech transformation Another event was the Hong Kong Brands Products Shopping Festival which was held for the second time at AsiaWorld Expo The festival capitalised on the growing momen tum of economic recovery and consumer spending The four day event featured 350 booths showcasing a wide variety of prod ucts and attracted around 60 000 visitors This was 20 per cent up on last year s figure generating a sales volume of almost 60 mil lion Hong Kong dollars 7 6 million euros say the organisers Due to the impact of the fifth wave of Covid 19 in Hong Kong the events business was limited during the first half year of 2022 The mentioned August and September events were part of a series of local shows that need relatively shorter planning time They include the major art show Belt Road National Art Culture Expo held at the end of September The resumption of B2B trade shows came amidst the Covid 19 challenges In October the Global Sources Hong Kong Trade Show and the China Millions Forum opened their doors And the event trio Bio China Medical Tourism China AI Biotechnology China Ex po will take place in early December The re laxation of inbound travel requirements is seen as a relief with the 0 3 scheme hav ing a central function Hotel quarantine has been removed and just 3 days of medical sur veillance is required In other words business travellers could attend B2B shows with a so called Amber Code right after landing After making their comeback in person events now have to face the future To cater to the increasing demand for hybrid events the Meeting and Hospitality Centre of AsiaWorld Expo has been newly renovated This pro vides a flexible workspace for hybrid meet ings and conferences and brings participants together in a mixture of in person and virtual settings The AV systems and lighting equip ment are being upgraded and complemented with entirely refurbished carpets wall fabrics and ceiling decorations In addition to these upgrades and the introduction of the 5G stan dard AWE is committed to introducing target group oriented high tech solutions This means services that help organisers and busi ness partners extend their promotion chan nels In 2023 the next extensive scale of digi talisation of billboards and branding touch points in high traffic circulation areas will be unveiled As a result AsiaWorld Expo s major renovation project not only offers a refreshing and contemporary interior design but will al so provide organisers and exhibitors with more dynamic and interactive advertising op portunities www asiaworld expo com PB 36 TradeFairs Internation al 4 2022 INTERNATIONAL HONG KONG Back to the future Business at AsiaWorld Expo is picking up again In addition the venue at Hong Kong airport is being equipped to meet the demands of new formats Die Technologie Fach messe Revive Tech Asia versammelte einflussreiche Köpfe aus der IT und darüber hinaus um die Tech Transformation zu fördern The technology trade show Revive Tech Asia gathered the most in fluential minds from the world of IT and beyond to foster tech transfor mation Ph ot o A si aW or ld E xp o

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