and aims at enhancing the sector s represen tativeness and business opportunities when the physical events are held The second step is to generate value for all stakeholders that is not only for exhibitors but also for associ ations institutions investors the public and the media by inducing innovation and creat ing a relational network that would also in clude sectors that are not outrightly linked but only apparently so to the concept of the trade show s business We could think for example of the world of professional and sci entific training Then there is a third step based on communication All the various components of a brand need to know how to communicate and to do so in the right lan guage with the right stakeholders Only when communication becomes two way is it actually two way And it allows a corporate entity to present itself as an active reality with clear and dialoguing contours a com pany with which to effectively dialogue What is the next step The geographical positioning of the trade shows is obviously important I often give the example of one of our leading events Ecomon do Key Energy the latter by the way will be the protago nist in 2023 of a spin off of the former that will place even more emphasis on the renewable energy communi ty In the case of these events we have a po sition of solid leadership in the Mediter ranean Basin area all the way to Africa Here we can plan for both regional offshoots as we did in Naples for example as well as global ones I am thinking of what happened in Mexico in collaboration with Deutsche Messe and in Chengdu with other partners We believe the time for limiting ourselves to merely taking collectives to existing foreign trade shows is over What IEG aspires to is to act as a global organiser And now we come to the fifth step We may have already achieved the fifth step And we did it by starting from a given fact To be a community catalyst you have to be a community yourself We believe that IEG is indeed a very strong and cohesive community Other important news During the pandemic we studied explored and launched the Rubicon project Through this project we will be able to enrich and fi nalise a digital transition with realistic goals the digital transition of business processes and the optimisation of the customer experi ence We focus on implementing the quanti ty and improving the quality of data Which are of course the tools required to complete and consolidate the creation of our commu nities Without forgetting the central role of the digital sphere in interacting with commu nities in the months between physical events 34 TradeFairs Internation al 4 2022 ANZEIGEINTERNATIONAL In recent months Italian ExhibitionGroup has been affirming its aim to posi tion itself as a community catalyst forits reference industries Yes this is in fact exactly the strategic theme on which our Group intends to focus its development between now and 2027 Last July we informed financial analysts institu tional stakeholders and the media of IEG s industrial plan which outlines our trajectory extremely clearly A trajectory that aims to affirm IEG s role as a community catalyst for all the industries concerned in the various events that we organise So in a nutshell how do you become a com munity catalyst By changing or rather by greatly boosting and affirming our role with more and more active features not only to attract and satisfy communities but also to contribute to their constant future evolution Can we elaborate on that Let s start by saying that this strategy fore sees five steps The first is the most obvious CORRADO PERABONI CEO ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP Our route to Community Catalyst IEG Es geht darum Geschäfts möglichkeiten im Rahmen stattfindender Messen zu er höhen IEG The aim is enhancing the sector s representativeness and business opportunities when the physical events are held Ph ot o IE G

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