A physical booth is important at a trade fair but today s events can also be extended online Messe Essen now offers exhibitors the opportunity to have their stands visualised as a 3D model This digital version of the booth can then be embedded in the exhibiting company s website for example We are constantly ex panding our services so that our exhibitors can generate as much val ue as possible by participating in a show argues Daniela Mühlen By virtualising their booths exhibitors benefit from being able to reach their customers even beyond the duration of the trade fair points out the head of communications advertising at Messe Essen And this digital presence also boosts the reach of our events These digital twins are produced with the help of technology from Matterport which transforms the stand into a walk through 3D mod el Text boxes videos or links can also be integrated via so called touchpoints They provide information on the featured products and other offers of the exhibiting company This is part of a whole port folio of services that our exhibitors can book for a fee explains Daniela Mühlen The service is carried out by a specialist in Matter port s technology she adds Ideally there will be a contact at the ex hibitor s end who is responsible for maintaining the website After all the digital booth twin has to be uploaded on the customer s end Messe Essen also uses the technology for its own events This gives interested parties access to trade show highlights over a longer period of time For example the Discovery Centre of this year s IPM Summer Edition can be experienced as a digital showroom The Dis covery Center is a hotspot for speciality retailers points out Messe Es sen It is an important platform for keeping up to date with the latest developments trends and innovations It features POS concepts and retail trends taking account of all areas of the value chain says Messe Essen www messe essen de PB Nicht zaudern sondern Messen machen Durch neue Formate und Leistungen schaffen wir das Geschäft Neue Lösungen für die Zukunft Neuzeit Messe KM22 102x280 Neuzeit Messe Trade Fairs indd 1 27 10 22 09 01 17 FOCUS TradeFairs Internation al 4 2022 GERMANY 2023 Exhibition booth as a digital twin In Essen exhibiting companies can also wel come customers beyond the brick and mortar show This widens not only their reach but also that of the event itself selbst Damit gewährt sie Interessierten über einen längeren Zeitraum einen Zugang zu Messehighlights So lässt sich das Discovery Center der diesjährigen IPM Summer Edition als digitaler Showroom erleben Dieses Entdeckerzentrum ist der Hotspot für den Fachhandel heben die Essener hervor Es handele sich um eine wichtige Plattform um die neuesten Entwicklungen Trends und Innovationen aufzuspüren POS Konzepte und Retail Trends werden unter Berücksichtigung aller Be reiche der Wertschöpfungskette in Szene gesetzt betonen die Verant wortlichen bei der Messe Essen www messe essen de PB

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