N A C H H A L T I G U N D D I G I T A L P E R S P E K T I V E N F Ü R D I E Z U K U N F T www messe essen de penses and benefits as well as targeted infor mation sharing for both sides seller and buyer with in house exhibitions which be came a resounding success from 1963 on wards In the era of Germany s economic miracle there were many opportunities for enterprising visionaries In 1966 Paul Eber hard Schall already launched Mograma fea turing 15 well known trading companies The trade show for modern printing ma chines was held at Messe Killesberg in Stuttgart With his creative energy and fasci nation for technology Schall soon turned in to a trade show organiser and so the success story began In the early 1970s Schall s trade fair company in Stuttgart already set records with Fameta the international trade fair for metalworking machinery attracting 80 000 visitors from all over the world to Baden Württemberg The 1980s saw the launch of today s in dustry heavyweights Fakuma Motek and Control At Messe Sinsheim founded in 1989 the entrepreneur now also had an ex Baden Württemberg for his work At the same time the world s leading trade fair for production and assembly automation Motek grew and grew Meanwhile Messe Stuttgart moved to a perfect location for Schall s trade shows the exhibition centre at the airport see page 15 From 2007 Motek Blechexpo Schweisstec and Control relocat ed to the new site which also saw the launch of Bondexpo Since Paul Eberhard Schall s death in 2016 Bettina Schall has continued her hus band s life s work The figures speak for themselves Around 340 000 visitors from over 120 countries come to trade fairs and public exhibitions organised by the Schall group of companies There they meet around 7 000 exhibitors from 40 countries Paul Schall has always emphasised the diversity of personalities at trade shows From the cleaner to the chancellor everyone plays their part on the big colourful exhibition stage was his creed www schall messen de PB FOCUS hibition centre of his own Here he was able to further develop his events free from exter nal dictates Ten years later Paul Schall was awarded the Business Medal of the State of Bettina und Paul Schall auf der Control 2012 Bettina and Paul Schall at Control 2012 Ph ot o S ch al l

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