A lmost two and a half years after the start of the pandemic it is time to take stock and look ahead In 2020 we were able to host Semicon in June the first trade show after the relaunch Michael Kruppe recalls To do this we spent three months creating safety protocols and then testing them says SNIEC s general manager Then we got the green light from the government Until the end of the year he claims more than 80 trade shows with about three million visitors were staged with out a single case of Covid Figures were around 60 per cent of those for our record year 2019 Kruppe said In the following year 2021 they were more or less the same The head of SNIEC calls the situation of the last twelve months yo yo mode The government issued and is still issuing yes or no decisions on whether we can host a fair or not The problem is that it is impossible to make plans The economics ministry del egated its powers of approval to other gov ernment agencies reports Michael Kruppe Their decision makers often don t know how we develop and stage events Conse quently the go ahead for many an event comes too late It takes at least two to three months to prepare a trade show in a reason ably professional manner points out Kruppe And even within that time frame it s impossible to organise the transport of foreign machinery or equipment goods that are essential at industrial trade shows or medical events for example As recently as early March things were still looking good and SNIEC was planning to reopen Now a new wave has hit us even harder than two years ago laments Michael Kruppe Our industry has to follow China s zero Covid policy and so things are not easy for anyone He says that his team is doing everything it can to continuously update safety standards At the same time exhibitors and visitors need to be willing Together with the respective organisers we communi cate intensively with these target groups and then we still have to convince the govern ment agencies explains Kruppe Alterna tives such as digital or hybrid trade shows are sometimes useful but no options as has become apparent and cannot be commer cialised on a large scale No matter how long it will take until everybody is vaccinated or herd immunity is reached There will always be a personal di alogue predicts the general manager Evo lution doesn t work that fast and we re not ro bots yet which will hopefully be the case for another 500 years But in order to conduct such face to face events on site people need to be confident that these shows are safe Kruppe also calls on the trade fair industry to develop faster PCR tests that can show results in ten minutes In addition it must meet the growing demand for services and entertain ment Among other things we are working on new service concepts such as VIP lounges similar to those at an airport he highlights one example of how SNIEC is shaping up for the future www sniec net PB 37 INTERNATIONAL CHINA No more yo yo mode China s rigid Covid rules face Shanghai New International Expo Centre SNIEC with major challenges Quo vadis Michael Kruppe beleuchtet die Gegenwart und blickt in die Zukunft der Messegesell schaft SNIEC in Shanghai Quo vadis Michael Kruppe takes stock of the present and looks ahead to the future of Shanghai s exhibition company SNIEC Ph ot o S N IE C

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