L angenlonsheim based live communica tion provider mac realised five de manding projects for the new mobility show Both indoors at the Summit and outdoors at Königsplatz The challenge for all of the projects was to deliver the re quired stand construction material just in time says Melanie Hagedorn mac s director logistics This meant that the assembly team could work non stop and make the best use of the space available on site she continues This applies particularly to the Königsplatz project as the set up time was shorter For this purpose the provider had to book the timeslots for unloading which had to be strictly adhered to eight weeks before the start of the event In order to manage the delivery a de tailed construction schedule was required This was essential for commissioning the in dividual components Hence the material needed for construction was on site exactly at the right time explains Melanie Hage dorn If deviations occurred we were able to respond swiftly thanks to feedback from our site managers to our warehouse And this is where the cooperation with Europfast came into play The vans were ordered with fixed delivery dates and the deliveries were just in time The situation at Königsplatz proved to be challenging so that close track ing of the transports was necessary This was our first big project in collaboration with Europfast and everything went smoothly re caps mac s Melanie Hagedorn As IAA Mobility was held both on the ex hibition grounds and in the city centre things were much more difficult The event took place at different venues in a new set ting says Güray Saritas For many years we had adapted to Frankfurt and now the event went to Munich says the managing director of Europfast based in Neuhausen near Stuttgart In addition the open space venues made things more challenging he points out referring to areas that were diffi cult to access and pedestrian zones There are guidelines for this that need to be read understood and implemented Saritas ex plains The Europfast project department had studied the guidelines in advance and planned the operational implementation in August The dispatchers worked on all the relevant issues and were prepared for imple mentation During the implementation phase all van drivers were informed about the conditions on site and received support at the respective venues The separate registration of each individ ual driver which was required at short notice proved to be time consuming Pandemic re lated measures also meant quite a lot of work The entire project required close coordination between stand construction and logistics Be sides the challenging logistical work there were also some emotional moments For mac it was the first major trade fair shipment after the pandemic after a long time where were only able to do interior fittings and digi tal projects Güray Saritas tells us So our customer really celebrated our first loaded van www europfast com PB 36 TradeFairs Internation al 3 2021 TRADE FAIR LOGISTICS Just in time delivery IAA Mobility premiered in Munich this September This was the first time that trade fair service providers mac and Europfast worked together on a large scale Mit der Ausrichtung der IAA Mobility sowohl auf dem Messegelände als auch in der Innenstadt wuchs der Schwierigkeitsgrad As IAA Mobility was held both on the exhibition grounds and in the city centre things were much more difficult Ph ot o E ur op fa st

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