on in the foreseeable future I am not con vinced right now that year round trade shows are formats that offer China a reason able option from today s perspective I believe that digital only accounts for a share of at most five to ten per cent Most trade shows will remain face to face person to person The expectations of event organisers and their customers are clearly geared to safety and security This means that the visitor or exhibitor must feel safe at the venue We al ready developed appropriate demonstrably successful hygiene and safety concepts more than a year ago and we continue to work on them The requirements for us as venue op erators are the same as for event organisers All parties involved must comply with the relevant regulations After all we have devel oped these safety concepts together with event organisers and the local governments here in Shanghai Both now and in future we will and must continue to ensure that our venue remains safe Because this will make people want to attend fairs at SNIEC in rising numbers At present we are seeing accelerated de velopment in the digital sector in China This applies in particular to the field of safety as I already mentioned In this area the Chinese are already able to control safety protocols nationwide and hence also at trade fairs These safety protocols are a clearly defined sequence of simultaneous or sequential safe ty measures that are implemented to ensure safety Without a mobile phone or a so called Green Health Code Chinese citizens cannot move around the country on a large scale The Green Code is an app that everybody who is in China must download If a person was in a certain classified area the app im mediately lights up in yellow or red They will then either not be permitted to enter or leave the country or for example to access shopping malls aeroplanes or trade fairs A long time ago especially the younger generation and companies in China devel oped digital products to speed up communi cation independently of trade fairs These digital products will continue to gain impor tance at trade fairs or for trade fairs in the future For example we have developed a traffic app and a catering app is also in the pipeline In addition we will set up an app that can be used to order services such as power boxes cables or air conditioning units The Chinese are indeed very tech savvy We want to benefit from their positive attitude For this reason we are expanding our digital services at SNIEC even further and their ac ceptance will continue to increase in the fu ture Michael Kruppe is general manager of the Shanghai New International Expo Centre SNIEC This guest article is based on a text published in March 2021 in the German language book Die Zukunft von Messen Kongressen und Events The Future of Trade Fairs Congresses and Events You can order this book from TFI Verlagsgesellschaft www tfi publications com 28 TradeFairs Internation al 3 2021 INTERNATIONAL Ispo Shanghai 2021 Die Erwartungshaltung der Veranstalter und ihrer Kunden geht eindeutig in Richtung Sicherheit und Vertrauen Ispo Shanghai 2021 The expectations of event organisers and their customers are clearly geared to safety and security Ph ot o S N IE C M es se M ün ch en

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