digital stand is superior to a physical stand in this respect asserts the trade fair expert Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen is a global leader in the market for power transformers in energy networks Bruns created a show room at the company s site in Regensburg It s a future oriented laboratory a product development workshop that is unmatched anywhere else in the world says List The company works with customers and partners on the future of energy networks What catches the eye here immediately is a trans former with an operational control system Touchscreen displays demonstrate a variety of applications Intelligent sensors fans and transmission equipment illustrate how the power transformers are digitally monitored and controlled An electrically operated curtain partitions off the transformer room Behind it is a spa cious co working space with numerous work stations Solutions for the digitalisation of en ergy technology are being developed here says List However because of Covid 19 for the time being you can only see all that on the website where it is available to customers throughout the world in the form of a studio with digital live sessions The real showroom is thus complemented by digital media creat ing a hybrid event And when real trade fairs start to take place again Bruns has social dis tancing and hygiene systems to offer for exhi bition stands These include one way systems with floor markings and barrier tapes sanitis ing stations and furnishings that ensure social distancing Together with our customers and German trade fair companies we have devel oped workable strategies promises Martina List for the back to the future scenario www bruns messebau de JK 48 TradeFairs Internation al 3 4 2020 International Federation of Exhibition Events Services N E W S In which quarter of 2021 do you expect to see exhibitions taking place This is part of a very extensive member sur vey of the International Federation of Exhibi tion and Event Services IFES Assumptions regarding the comeback of trade fairs vary widely and are spread over the whole year 2021 Two thirds of the par ticipants expect a new start in the first half of the year another 29 per cent in Q3 and 6 per cent in the last quarter of the year These statements were made with some reservations such as that trade fairs will start in the first half of the year with fewer events but that the majority of business will not take place until the second half or that the occurrence of fairs strongly depend on the spread of the virus and whether planned shows are feasible as planned These expectations match the results of the previous question regarding the currently government s planned re opening dates of trade fairs either mostly in the first half of 2021 or not being announced yet Regarding 2021 which statements apply best The IFES survey revealed that already at the time of data collection barely half of the re sponders indicated that all postponed and initially planned shows for 2021 are likely to take place as scheduled This figure is under lined by the fact that 31 per cent of respon ders state that some shows have already been cancelled and 27 per cent state that even more than a third of all shows have been cancelled for 2021 Some shows for 2021 have even been postponed to 2022 already and roughly 10 per cent of the re sponders claim to have no business so far for the upcoming year The evaluation is available www ifesnet com PRACTICE Most exhibitors remain just as committed to trade fairs How will the Covid crisis and the associated economic consequences impact on exhibitors participation in trade fairs in future That s the question German trade fair companies andthe suffering exhibition stand construction industry are asking themselves Despite everything around 60 per cent of German companies intend to continue with the same level of commitment to trade fairs in 2021 and beyond That s according to the most recent business survey conducted by the ifo Institute AUMA the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry believes this is good news It shows after all that these companies intend to take part in trade fairs to the same extent as before despite a serious economic crisis and a prolonged pandemic This may also be because increasing sales in the short term is not one of exhibitors key objec tives when they take part in trade fairs Instead they want to strengthen themselves in the medium and long term Their aim primarily to acquire new customers strengthen bonds with existing customers raise their profile enhance their image and present new products On the other hand the survey also found that almost 40 per cent of companies do intend to reduce their level of commitment to trade fairs which is not quite so positive But in view of the eco nomic situation and the current volatility that comes as no surprise to AUMA The evidence from the trade fairs held since the temporary restart at the beginning of September 2020 is that the prevailing mood in the associated industries is positive www auma de ProMinent Lang fristig kann der Showroom mit je der Veranstaltung wachsen sagt Martina List von Bruns ProMinent In the long run the show room can grow with every event says Bruns Martina List Ph ot o B ru ns M es se u nd A us st el lu ng sg es ta ltu ng Q3 29 Q2 38 Q1 28 Q4 6

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