35 FOCUS TradeFairs Internation al 1 2020 T he Innsbruck Tourist Board recently commissioned the Austrian Institute of Eco nomic Research WIFO to carry out a comprehensive analy sis of the economic impact both regionally and nationally of events held at CMI s three venues Events held in the financial year 2017 2018 were studied on the basis of 6 000 interviews and the company s own economic data Revenues from events flow into the wider economy and lead to the creation of additional value says Oliver Fritz the author of the study Visitors to events and those actively involved in making them happen travel to them and pay for food accommodation leisure and entertainment during their stay That expenditure re sults in added value and con tributes to the prosperity not only of the region where the events are held but also through trade and the involvement of suppliers based elsewhere that of other re gions as well Congress Messe Innsbruck generates around 360m euros of gross value added annually ac cording to the study Our aim is to strengthen the Innsbruck area as a centre of science research culture tourism education and business asserts Christian May erhofer managing director of Congress Messe Innsbruck In terms of value added CMI can again consider itself to be among the most successful convention centres and trade fair companies in Austria The study revealed that the company s activities gen erate tax revenues worth around 120 million euros and social secu rity contributions worth 62 mil lion euros The CMI itself has around 70 full time employees and another 100 people it uses on a case by case basis There are around 5 800 jobs that depend on the event industry The economic importance of Congress Messe Innsbruck be comes clear when you look at the distribution of gross value added for every euro spent by a visitor or organiser 97 cents goes else where rather than to CMI itself which receives just over 3 percent of that gross value added The re sults of the study emphasise this hotels and restaurants which earn 153 million euros from this retail 82 million euros construc tion and real estate 122 million euros and transport 49 million euros benefit in particular For Patrizia Zoller Frischauf Tyrol s minister for economic affairs these results confirm the impor tance of the event industry in Tyrol International convention guests are particularly high spend ing Average expenditure per con vention delegate is around 530 eu ros a day which is three to four times the amount spent by a nor mal tourist www cmi at PB www messezentrum salzburg at Salzburg Center Exhibition Congress SIZE MATTERS THE RIGHT YOUR EVENT FOR 39 257 m2 event location 65 665 m2 outdoor area 50 8 500 meetings congress capacity 10 minutes international airport main train station congress messezentrum salzburg at INTERNATIONAL AUSTRIA Good for the region A total of over half a million visitors come to around 500 events at Congress Messe Inns bruck CMI each year CMI is an important engine of economic growth in the region Veranstaltungen sind wichtig für Tirol Wirt schaftslandesrätin Patrizia Zoller Frischauf und CMI Chef Christian Mayerhofer Events are important for the Tyrol Patrizia Zoller Frischauf regional minister for econo mic affairs and Christian Mayerhofer head of CMI Ph ot o L an d Ti ro l K at hr ei n

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