trade fair company Long waiting times just don t happen emphasises Mühlen Digital tools will further improve the admission process she says looking ahead into the fu ture However there are other things that still require hard work The challenges in terms of the management of traffic flows particu larly for large events are bound to remain high www messe essen de At Messe Düsseldorf parking spaces and waiting times also always have to be consid ered However the results of investigations into these factors are largely good according to the company The feedback from visitors about waiting times at the entrances and elsewhere at the centre is consistently posi tive reports Ian Hume the head of the event technology and logistics department at Messe Düsseldorf Over 80 percent of visitors now make advance bookings or register for trade fairs in advance online Online matchmaking tools enable appointments to be arranged easily in advance between exhibitors and visi tors That relieves the pres sure during trade fairs In order to continually im prove the parking situation the decision makers are put ting their faith in a variety of new services Currently we are introducing advance book ings for all parking spaces for example reports Ian Hume Visitors can thus choose in advance how close they want to park to a particular en trance When they make the booking they receive the address to enter in their naviga tion system We want to make it so that people can use their time as efficiently as possible on the way here on the way back and while they are on site says Hume That starts with the public transport ticket included with the admission ticket In addi tion the sophisticated logistics and traffic management system reduces vehicle move ments at the trade fair centre to a minimum during the stand construction and disman tling phases That clearly has a positive im pact on the environment www messe dues seldorf de PB 24 TradeFairs Internation al 1 2020 heide We are on a number of bus routes and have underground and S Bahn suburban train stations as well as a long distance train station practically on site The trade fair company is also actively involved in devel oping and implementing ambitious mobility concepts A test route for driverless vehicles of more than 8 km runs past the trade fair centre www hamburg messe de The results of the UFI Explori study on parking and waiting times are not reflected in Essen That is not what our visitor surveys show says Daniela Mühlen who is head of communications at Messe Essen We adjust the number of ticket counters and parking spaces and the frequency of shuttle buses de pending on the visitor numbers expected she explains At all of our events a digital parking guidance system ensures that visitors are directed to free parking spaces in the quickest way possible starting at the mo torway exit For large events such as the Es sen Motor Show digital display boards are used on the motorway These direct the traf fic to remote car parks From there shuttle buses bring the visitors directly to those trade fair centre entrances where there are current ly the least number of visitors explains Mühlen Efforts are made in advance of each event to avoid large queues for tickets for example Online tickets are available for all events in Essen in order to keep the admis sion situation as relaxed and efficient as pos sible They provide direct access to the trade fair centre and are actively promoted by the Stuttgart master plan the next steps Parking and traffic are also on the agenda at Messe Stuttgart The company recently an nounced that it wants to invest further in its infrastructure for the future A master planhas been drawn up showing what can be done on the site The trade fair company s shareholders have given this plan the green light In all construction project plans the overall context of the site always has to be considered Space is limited and the existing functionality has to be maintained A number of demands have to be met new car parks have to be built service companies need more space for storage and offices and the fire service needs a new home There is also room for improvement when it comes to the traffic situation on the L1192 road by the trade fair centre To meet these demands solutions have been found that will be realised in different phases Service buildings with space for service companies logistics and the fire service will be built on the higher part of the site in the north Offices are planned on the upper floors A new car park with a spindle design P40 will be built behind the Bosch car park and another car park P1 will be built above the S Bahn railway line This could result in 1 500 additional parking spaces In addition the L1192 is to be widened from three lanes to five Modern traffic management systems will be installed on the A8 motorway The slip road from the A8 to gate 1 will also get an additional lane www messe stuttgart de Was Wartezeiten an den Eingängen angeht erhält die Messe Düsseldorf ein positives Feedback von den Besuchern As far as waiting times at the entrances are concerned Messe Düsseldorf has received positive feedback from visitors Ph ot o M es se D üs se ld or f c til lm an n

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