of digital transformation at Messe Dresden Mercedes Benz invited its 14 500 strong glob al sales team from 71 markets Over a two month period it combined a physical training circuit with a digital educational experience The two day trainings took place under the motto The Open Campus Already at the joint opening session participants sensed their active role in a new digital movement After that they were able to experience the transformation of their own brand Employees had the chance to individual ly map their very own digital learning path depending on how digitally savvy they were In a closing session they were able to share and consolidate their new digital knowledge A state of the art training event was the jury s verdict on the gold BrandEx Award winning event Participants were immersed in a digital and technological training experi ence A case study for any event manage ment university to showcase as the perfect training event Samsung received the gold BrandEx Award in the category Best Brand Activa tion for its Window to the Future The fo cus was on the Galaxy S10 smart phone It not only represents the tenth generation of the product range but also embodies ten years of technological innovation To cele brate this anniversary the retail launch of Samsung s iconic phone had to be as innova tive and premium as the product itself The idea was developed to leverage simple shop windows into playful and unique multimedia installations This was to allow the audience to experience Samsung s innovations and the S10 in a novel way For the first time all the shop windows of Germany s most famous luxury department store KaDeWe in Berlin were exclusively given to one brand The show ranged from optical illusions through mechanical applications to kinetic projec tions and interactive experiences Each of the 4x4 metre windows featured a different inno vation or technical feature of the S10 or its predecessors Most installations even allowed for direct interaction by using sensors and technology originating in Samsung smart phones In to tal more than 1 4 million KaDeWe customers saw the shop windows in March 2019 in cluding around 11 000 daily interactions Im ages of the shop windows or selfies led to a reach of two million page views in the social networks Plus During the promotion peri od sales of the Samsung Galaxy S10 in Berlin s electronics stores surged by 280 per cent Very smart and well done was the verdict of the jury which was very im pressed The connection with another well known brand as a backdrop to the campaign was also singled out This had guaranteed the desired visibility and awareness for the campaign www brand ex org PB 14 FOCUS TradeFairs Internation al 1 2020 Beste Live PR Statt die Presse zum iNext zu bringen wurde der iNext zur Presse befördert Best Live PR Instead of bringing the press to iNext the iNext was brought to the press Ph ot o B M W Vo k D am s Ph ot o R hi zo m e Was wir künftig in einem vernetzten Haushalt essen werden Rhizome wurde als beste Konferenz ausge zeichnet What we will be eating in the con nected home of the future Rhizome was awarded gold in the Best Con ference category

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