T he gold BrandEx Award for the Best Corporate Event went to Investment Aktuell 2019 This is the flagship event of Union Investment to which directors of partner banks are invited in Frankfurt s Palmengarten every year Since 2011 the Cologne based agency Insglück has been staging the congress and accompanying evening gala For last year s event its task was to develop a powerful motto reflecting the company s key message The reason be hind this was that Union Investment had launched a new and emotionally engaging brand campaign with a focus on numbers being a part of life It had broken away from the rationality of numbers to show how they always guide us and surround us The result was a multi sensory event with the title Da5 Le6en 2ählt life counts which was designed to amaze amuse and inspire At the congress exciting and inspiring personalities shared their wisdom The evening gala addressed the issue of what re ally counts in life focusing on four different acts with the Book of Life as the central el ement But the most important thing at the gala was the underlying stories and emo tions They showed that Union Investment is more than just numbers This project suc ceeded in the difficult task of conveying the customer s main message in philosophical and artistic form the jury praised the suc cessful implementation of the event s mis sion in its statement The Best Conference to receive the gold BrandEx Award was Rhizome The name stands for a conference on the digital kitchen which was held in Berlin 120 vi sionaries industry experts influencers and home appliance specialists designed future scenarios for connected homes and food chains The highly interactive two day event took place in September 2018 featuring seminal keynotes and target oriented work shop formats It addressed the question how we will eat cook and interact with our de vices in the future Fittingly the event was held on the two final days of IFA where home applications play an important role It was also due to these synergies that at tendees from 15 countries came to Berlin s Fabrik 23 an industrial style event space In its statement the jury described the industri al ambience of the Rhizome conference as authentic The initiators of the event had skilfully combined face to face encounters with a consistent social media concept Plus Workshops with a low interaction threshold customised training and education and the technologies used enabled a rapid immersion in the issues The jury also singled out the intensive exchange of ideas and information The Best Live PR event was BMW Vi sion iNext World Flight which also won the BrandEx Award in gold Its aim was to create as much global publicity as possible in the shortest space of time The event was all about the spectacular launch of the BMW Vi sion iNext in four cities on three continents within five days Wuppertal based agency Vok Dams provided a sensational stage for the car of the future The idea behind it was more or less a reversal of the traditional PR approach Instead of bringing the global press to the launch venue the iNext itself was delivered to the press world wide The interior of a Lufthansa Boeing 777F became the stage for the new flagship Surrounded by impressive light and film installations the vehicle was presented on a turntable An elaborate concept emphasised the designers of the event It reflected BMW s in novative clout with a visionary presentation of the car We think this is the most suc cessful way to bring a presentation to a glob alised world the jury justified its decision This was an event unique in our own era The experts pointed out that the team had created a beautiful presentation and deliv ered it to the key markets of the brand the best way to present a project requiring fast information delivery and indelible impres sions The Mercedes Benz Global Training Ex perience was number one in the category Best Motivation Best Employee event The event took place in 2019 in the context 12 FOCUS TradeFairs Internation al 1 2020 EVENTS LOCATIONS Award winning events The BrandEx Awards were presented in Dortmund in January Five gold trophies were awarded in the five event categories for outstanding concepts and their successful implementation Die Abendgala des besten Corporate Events Investment Aktuell 2019 im Frankfurter Palmengarten The evening gala of the Best Corporate Event Investment Aktuell 2019 in Frankfurt s Palmengarten Ph ot o U ni on In ve st m en t

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