years back the mature boating market and the buyers financial restraints affected our show negatively recalls the CEO Primari ly the yacht segment experienced very low sales figures for newly produced sailing boats But following the record high GDP figures people started buying new boats again Consequently we have had the pleasant task of welcoming the yachting companies back again says a delighted Sjöberg in view of the returning exhibitors After all thanks to stand space fees and event services Stockholmsmässan s exhibitor revenues account for around 70 per cent of turnover Many of the sold boats later sail on Northern Europe s major artery the Baltic Sea Despite being an important economic area the Baltic Sea is under threat The Baltic See Fu ture Congress was launched last year to discuss future forward solutions The event was an immediate success emphasis es Patric Sjöberg He describes it as an arena for action oriented municipalities researchers en trepreneurs investors and other stakeholders from across the re gion Their aim is to reach sus tainable and prosperous soci eties while saving the Baltic Sea The upcoming second edi tion is expected to attract around 300 participants The fo cus will be on climate change and how it already affects the Baltic Sea And another new project of a very different kind was also launched in 2017 a beacon based mobile indoor positioning system which was very well re ceived by visitors As everyone knows who works in this field an exhibition venue is an extremely challenging environ ment says Patric Sjöberg With its ever changing floor plan and mixed big and small stands Together with a Swedish start up Stockholmsmässan has managed to over come these difficulties and produce an app that actually works in real life www stock holmsmässan se PB 44 TradeFairs Internation al 1 2018 INTERNATIONAL An exciting assignment What important things are happening in the near future The most exciting thing ahead of us is an as signment I received from the Stock holmsmässan Board of Directors to investi gate a possible future relocation We have been at the present premises in Älvsjö in Southern Stockholm for almost 50 years now and when we look at the company s strategic develop ment we are also considering the possibil ity of mov ing Has this al ready been decided There has been no de cision yet but I have been given the assignment to look into the possibilities to build a brand new ven ue in another location still within the greater Stockholm area but it could be closer to Arlanda airport for example What else We can see that other successful venue owners develop their premises in close collaboration with surrounding business es creating an attractive area around the venue with hotels restaurants entertain ment companies academic institutions et cetera The Board s coming decision will be based on the results of my investi gation into where Stockholmsmässan can do this best over the next decades at the present location or at an alternative one Patric Sjöberg CEO of Stock holmsmässan talks about the future strategic development and possible relocation plans of the venue operator and organiser Die große Stockholmer Bootsausstellung Allt för sjön profitiert von der guten konjunkturellen Lage The major Stockholm boat exhibition Allt för sjön benefits from the good economic situation Ph ot o S to ck ho lm sm äs sa n L as se E kl öf Ph ot o S to ck ho lm sm äs sa n

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