T hings are obviously running smoothly for the team under the newly elec ted president of BolognaFaire Gian piero Calzolari The capital of Emilia Romagna posted a rising number of ex hibitors in 2017 due to positive signals from the market And BolognaFiere s performance was correspondingly good Revenues from trade fair business for 2017 are expected to surpass 120 million euros six per cent high er than originally forecast The company s EBITDA looks even better its operating prof it of over 20 million euros exceeding the bud geted figure by an impressive 14 per cent The next few years will continue in this dy namic vein By 2020 the annual production value of the northern Italian trade fair group is to climb to 200 million euros Thanks to a range of acquisitions an increase in classic activities and the development of new busi ness says president Calzolari And it s not just its domestic business that is buoyant BolognaFiere s activities abroad have also contributed to these pleas ing figures They are to be further reinforced in future Cosmoprof the leading interna tional beauty event now has a global pres ence having expanded out of Bologna with existing or planned spin offs in India China Southeast Asia the Middle East South America and the USA The world s largest children s book fair has also started going global In 2018 it will be held in Shanghai for the first time together with a Chinese partner On an international level BolognaFiere is a member of UFI and EMECA Gianpiero Cal zolari describes the engagement in these ma jor trade fair associations as an important driving force of the European trade fair in dustry in the context of its internationalisa tion Contests such as the UFI Poster Com petition give a further boost to business Bologna Fair won this prestigious award in 2017 with its Cosmoprof campaign designed by photographer Olivero Toscani Things are also moving and shaking at the company s home base in Bologna the modernisation of the exhibition centre is making rapid progress Last October Bolog naFiere started implementing a development plan envisaging major construction activities Plans are underway to modernise expand and improve the infrastructure also benefit ting reachability and trade fair logistics Nat ural lighting and ecological aspects are fur ther important factors The first phase of the project comprises the al ready completed demolition of pavilions 29 and 30 and their total reconstruction We already expect to be able to use the rebuilt exhibition spaces this autumn for our Cersaie building ceramics and Eima International agri cultural machinery events says Gianpiero Calzolari In addition BolognaFiere is strengthening its service activ ities with the recent acquisi tion of GiPlanet which com plements the offerings of BolognaFiere s subsidiary Bf servizi This has led to the creation of the largest Italian production centre of exhibition equipment with an annual turnover of around 45 million euros says a happy Calzolari www bolognafiere it PB 36 TradeFairs Internation al 1 2018 INTERNATIONAL ITALY Moving and shaking At BolognaFiere the second half of 2017 confirmed the positive trend of the first six months And the near future is expected to bring strong growth Abriss der Hallen 29 und 30 im letzten Herbst Demolition of pavilions 29 and 30 last autumn BolognaFiere gewann den UFI Plakatwettbewerb 2017 mit der Cosmoprof Kampagne BolognaFiere won the UFI Poster Competition 2017 with its Cosmoprof campaign Ph ot o B ol og na Fi er e Ph ot o B ol og na Fi er e

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