tral spots on the premises and displays in the convention centres Digital systems are also being used for visitor registration According to Nuremberg customers have awarded this system top marks They now no longer need to fill in tedious authorisation documents on site all this is done in advance digitally and without an analog registration Investments are allegedly being made both to meet the rising expectations of the target groups and to simplify organisational processes An innovative service for the cus tomers always requires adapting the process es in the background argues CEO Peter Ottmann who shares the helm of Nürn bergMesse with Roland Fleck He singles out www standkonfigurator de as an example The installed tool stands out for its high customer benefits and combines user friend liness with cost transparency The underly ing internal processes had to be adapted ac cordingly in order to be able to offer services swiftly and individually Nuremberg also generates income with digital services In particular with our ask product database and with the said digital stand configurator points out Peter Ottmann www nuernberg messe de Messe Düsseldorf monitors technical de velopments and changes in customers usage behaviour to adapt its services accordingly In 2017 the company launched two major projects We installed the visitor information system d vis with integrated wayfinding on the entire premises says Werner Matthias Dornscheidt The new information pillars at the entrances and halls can now show the shortest walking distance from the location to the exhibitor says the CEO of Messe Düs seldorf In addition a marketplace was creat ed using the Next Generation e ordering system The company uses it to sell all of its own exhibition related services to exhibitors and to provide access to the offerings of its service partners We now have a well or ganised shop system that integrates the latest findings on e shopping behaviour and fea tures the standard elements of a familiar web shop Werner Matthias Dornscheidt refers to customers who shop online every day and are accustomed to convenient shop systems with certain standards We won t be able to attract them with an outdated and cumber some ordering system Moreover all of the company s websites are responsive and adapt to various mobile devices This is what customers expect nowadays At the same time a new system makes support much easier because it is the same for all exhibition projects and each customer uses only one account Plus A well functioning self explanatory visitor information system like d vis makes life easier for our info staff says Dornscheidt www messe duesseldorf de Leipziger Messe shares this view Digi tisation lowers process costs says CEO Mar tin Buhl Wagner At the same time the fair is already realising new sources of income with the help of the possibilities of e marketing We are still at the start of our journey but each new experience helps us to make progress The company is pushing ahead with digitisation in order to meet its own standards in innovation customer orienta tion and service quality This currently in cludes an efficient ticket shop which was developed along the customer journey It features interfaces for public transport regis tration and mobile ticket functions among other things We have also invested in the development of our wi fi network on the en tire premises which our visitors can use free of charge since the liability of wi fi operators for users copyright infringements so called Störerhaftung was abolished explains Buhl Wagner Leipzig is exploring new avenues in dis tribution VR applications support activities 12 VR Anwendungen unterstützen bei der Leipziger Messe den Vertrieb am Point of Sale VR applications at Leipziger Messe boost distribution at the point of sale Messe Düsseldorf Ein gut funktio nierendes selbst erklärendes Besu cherinformations system wie d vis entlastet das Info personal Messe Düsseldorf A well functioning self explanatory visitor information system like d vis makes life easier for info staff Ph ot o M es se D üs se ld or f Ph ot o L ei pz ig er M es se Jö rg S in ge r

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