HP 260 FRONTLINE FLOW DIAGRAM SCOPE OF DELIVERY ORDER DETAILS Material 1 stainless steel 2 brass Inlet pressure p1 1 200 bar 2 300 bar Outlet pressure p2 2 0 1 3 bar 3 1 6 bar 4 1 12 bar 5 1 17 bar Gauges 1 standard gauge 2 contact gauge ex HP260 Type 4 p2 2 Material 2 Gauge 1 p1 Gas type Gas type Accessories See total catalogue segment 7 Pigtail 200 bar optional RV pigtail 300 bar optional RV connecting hose 200 bar optional RV connecting hose 300 bar optional RV gauges compression fittings cylinder retainers and accessories gas cylinder cabinets and safety equipment RV check valve Cylinder station with inlet and outlet gauge shut off valve shut off valve for process and purge gas Completely mounted on a wall bracket out of stainless steel Without compression fittings

Vorschau Catalogue for high purity gas control equipment - Hornung GmbH (05-2021) Seite 73
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