Converting regulation Rathenaustraße 55 63263 Neu Isenburg Phone 49 6102 7883 70 Fax 49 6102 7883 40 www hornung org info hornung org For technical gases with basic quality 4 0 99 99 Vol Copper pipework hard brazed and screwed brass armatures without spezial purity demands For pure gases with a quality of 5 0 99 999 Vol Copper pipe work special cleaned oil and grease free flux material free hard brazed or stainless steel pipes orbital welded brass armatures stainless steel with metal diaphragm or convoluted rubber gaiter blinding For ECD quality and gases with purity 6 0 99 9999 Vol and also corrosive gases Stainless steel pipe work special cleaned TCC quality orbital welded stainless steel armatures with metal diaphragm or convoluted rubber gaiter blinding Application of metallic obdurate VCRscrewing Cleaning with FCKW free cleaning agent if applicable cure in the trying oven and packaging air tight every opening metallic closed For purity class 6 0 highly corrosive gases respectively semi conductor gases Pipe work such as quality Ultron orbital welded ultra high purity armatures from specific stainless steel electro polished with defined surface quality material adverted stainless steel Hastelloy Elgiloy metal diaphragm and VCR screwing assembled in clean room particle checked dust and air tight packed every opening metallic closed ACHIEVEMENT RECOMMENDATION FOR COMPONENTS AT SUPPLY SYSTEMS Quality analyses before installation among other things the storage of materials at the building yard in an dust controller cave room Visual part check if scratched bended busted not covered with casing without lamination sheet not enough labelled bating and polishing defects color change viewable dampness or particles WIG method welding with orbital welding automat without welding appendage with binding piece In effect method check according to AD sheet HP 2 1 and DIN EN 288 3 In effect adequacy check for the welding personal necessary Welding samples must be conducted before assembling changing the pipe diameter machine changeover and after changing machine personal Copper copper solder bonding for pure gas facilities must be exclusively accomplished flux material free Before or during brazing the inlet of air must be eliminated by reforming Detachable connection get jointed with clamp collar fitting In case of increased demands VCRbolting must be inserted for stainless steel pipe connections such as high corrosive or high pure gases Flushing and preserving of the supply system is necessary during deadlock or open circuit and after completion to adhere the requested quality standards After the assembling the user must effect an pressure test with azotic UVV VBG 61 62 an helium leakage test and an functional test and record the chronicles

Vorschau Catalogue for high purity gas control equipment - Hornung GmbH (05-2021) Seite 205
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