Safety notes for high purity gas equipment Rathenaustraße 55 63263 Neu Isenburg Phone 49 6102 7883 70 Fax 49 6102 7883 40 www hornung org info hornung org Stainless Steel is used in processes with toxic or corrosive gases Furthermore it is recommended to use stainless steel materials for process operating with high purity gases and for calibration gases with corrosive ingredients in the range of ppm or ppb or more For non corrosive gas qualities up to 5 0 it is sufficient to use copper pipelines or brass materials For the gas supply for ECD electron capture detector applications stainless steel or a special cleaning process is recommended When applying corrosive gases the entrance of moisture and atmospheric oxygen should be avoided The prevention of moisture to the extent of less than 5 ppm demands that the choice of material purge gas as well as the purging method should be thoroughly examined The pressure gas cylinders are placed in a safety gate with defined air load change Pressure regulators used as cylinder or panel regulators usually have an integrated relief valve with a relief pressure adjusted to the max outlet pressure The primary purpose of the relief valve is to protect the pressure regulator For the protection of especially sensitive processes behind the regulator a relief valve is necessary MATERIAL CHOICE IMPLEMENTING OF CORROSIVE GASES RELIEF VALVE FOR PRESSURE REGULATOR

Vorschau Catalogue for high purity gas control equipment - Hornung GmbH (05-2021) Seite 202
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