Fine filter F 2 TECHNICAL DETAILS DESIGN DESCRIPTION QUALITY STANDARD Rathenaustraße 55 63263 Neu Isenburg Phone 49 6102 7883 70 Fax 49 6102 7883 40 www hornung org info hornung org E08 01 02 dated 01 2013 Material brass stainless steel Gaskets viton Max pressure 420 bar Pore size 20 or 40 μ bronze 20 or 35 μ st steel Operating temp 20 C to 70 C Dimensions 38 x 70 x 71 mm Weight 640 g Connections inlet G 3 8 m outlet G 3 8 f This fine filter is equipped with a standard internal thread G 3 8 m at the inlet and G 3 8 f at the outlet In order to constantly have the maximum flow capacity available it is advisable to periodi cally examine the filter element and replace when necessary Application area We urgently recommend the use of this filter element in connection with our pressure regulators where the accuracy and life span of pressure regulators can be substantially increased with a clean medium Further application areas exist in high pressu re pneumatics for the protection of sensitive measuring equipment and controllers The high pressure filter F 2 is a stainless steel 1 4404 or brass manufactured fine filter with a replaceable filter element made of sintered bronze or stainless steel The built in filter element holds back solid particles to 20 or 40 micron and permits only cleansed gases or liquids to flow to the following equipment The company Hornung is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 2009 All single parts are manufactured assembled and tested by in house production The finished parts are therefore under all criteria of German quality control with 100 final inspection

Vorschau Catalogue for high purity gas control equipment - Hornung GmbH (05-2021) Seite 194
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