HD 550 APPLICATION AREA ORDER DETAILS Material 1 brass 2 stainless steel 1 4404 Seat sizes 1 Ø 1 70 2 Ø 6 35 balanced Elastomer 1 EPDM 2 viton Outlet pressure 1 100 bar 2 550 bar Capture venting 1 none 2 with capture venting Gauges 1 none 2 with inlet and outlet gauge 46 Regulator type Type46 1 Elastomer 1 MaterialHD 550 1 1 2 Gas type Pressure Venting Gauge Gas type 1 Seat Accessories See total catalogue segment 7 Gauges compression fittings and accessories 8 Flanges fine filter F1 see seperate data sheet safety valves available on request This pressure regulator is constructed for high inand outlet pressures With its captured vent this pressure regulator is particularly suitable for use as a pilot pressureregulator e g in control systems in connection with dome pressure regulators The stainless steel version with elastomere made of viton permits the use for corrosive media with this pressure regulator Using the captured vent version customer has to assure that venting is connected to customers exhausting system It is recommend to integrate a fine filter of at least 40 μ in front of HD 550 and to install relief valve behind HD 550 for protecting customer s equipment system

Vorschau Catalogue for high purity gas control equipment - Hornung GmbH (05-2021) Seite 121
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