9Introduction Sport Development Report for Germany 2017 2018 Part 1 With this seventh wave the Sport Development Report for Germany enters a new phase The Sport Development Report 3 0 SDR 3 0 covers the implementation of the seventh to ninth waves of Sport Development Reports The methodical core concept of the Sport Development Reports is still the development of a panel design From the seventh wave onwards the same sports clubs will now be surveyed online about their situation every three years instead of every two years as before In addition to surveying the organisations themselves new elements of the SDR 3 0 are the so called internal stakeholder surveys i e surveys of different groups of people In this context the seventh wave of the survey also surveyed individuals namely coaches and trainers as well as board members1 in addition to the clubs The present report therefore contains both evaluations of the organisational survey i e of the sports clubs Chapter 2 as well as a selection of evaluations of the internal stakeholder surveys Chapter 3 Detailed evaluations of the internal stakeholder surveys will take place in separate reports 1 Detailed information on the internal stakeholder surveys can be found in the methods section chapter 4

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