78 Sport Development Report for Germany 2017 2018 Part 1 Method on 02 05 2018 A total of 6 752 coaches and trainers from 2 352 clubs took part in the survey 4 4 3 2 Sampling and response from the board members Of the 19 889 clubs that took part in the club survey 5 129 clubs agreed to participate in the survey of board members These clubs received the individual club link on 08 05 2018 to forward and in vite their board members to take part in the survey During the field time two reminders were sent out provided that the respective club link had not been clicked at all 1 reminder on 11 06 2018 2 reminder on 26 06 2018 Both reminders led to an increased res ponse rate The survey of the board members was completed on 09 07 2018 A total of 4 655 board members from 2 686 clubs took part in the survey 4 4 3 3 Limitations of the individual stakeholder surveys The procedure described above for contacting and questioning the groups of persons had to be chosen because another way of contac ting the coaches and trainers as well as the board members was not possible due to data protection restrictions and a lack of data In ad dition with regard to the planned multi level analyses it had to be ensured that the persons could be assigned to their respective clubs Since not all clubs participated in the individual surveys but only some of those clubs that had also taken part in the club survey and since participation in the individual surveys by the persons con tacted was also voluntary a problem of sample distortion cannot be ruled out with the two samples of the coaches and trainers as well as the board members We refrained from weighting the personal data e g on the basis of demographic factors such as gender age migration background as comparable information on these fac tors was available on the basis of the weighted club data set but no information on the population of the surveyed groups of persons was available However a comparison with characteristics of the

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