77Method Sport Development Report for Germany 2017 2018 Part 1 risen since the first survey wave The recruitment and retention of coaches and trainers is also one of the disproportionately large pro blems of sports clubs Thus the internal stakeholder surveys raise the question of the conditions and determinants of recruiting and retaining these groups In particular constructs of the volunteers satisfaction with their activities motivation and future plans wil lingness to continue their activities are used In order to operati onalise these constructs recourse was made to tested scales such as the short questionnaire for recording general and facet specific job satisfaction KAFA Haarhaus 2016 the motivation scale for sports volunteerism i e a scale for measuring the motives of volun teers cf Hoye et al 2008 Wang 2004 and scales for measuring the intention to continue i e the intention to continue the activity Clary et al 1998 Hoye et al 2008 Beyond that however the question of the social significance as well as the contribution of the internal stakeholder groups ac tions to the common good also arises which is of central impor tance for the perspective of the argumentation knowledge This perspective is operationalised on the basis of various questions re garding the nature scope or time required for the activity the target groups and socio demographic data 4 4 3 Representation 4 4 3 1 Sampling and response from coaches and trainers Of the 19 889 clubs that took part in the club survey 4 201 clubs ag reed to participate in the survey of coaches and trainers These clubs received the individual club link on 07 03 2018 to forward and invi te their coaches and trainers to take part in the survey During the field time two reminders were sent out provided that the respecti ve club link had not been clicked at all 1 reminder on 22 03 2018 2 reminder on 12 04 2018 Both reminders led to an increased re sponse rate The survey of the coaches and trainers was completed

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