76 Sport Development Report for Germany 2017 2018 Part 1 Method 4 4 Individual stakeholder surveys 4 4 1 Procedure For the first time in the history of the Sport Development Report in addition to the sports clubs themselves i e the meso level various groups of people from the clubs were surveyed i e the micro level was integrated In the seventh wave coaches and trainers as well as board members were surveyed in addition to the clubs This exten sion has made it possible to expand the previous pure organisation surveys to an extended system analysis In order to contact the two groups of people mentioned the clubs were asked at the end of the club survey whether they would be willing to participate in the survey of their coaches and trainers as well as the board members If approval was granted the clubs were asked to provide a contact email address at which the clubs could be contacted for the two individual surveys The sports clubs that had agreed to take part in the indivi dual surveys were contacted by the project team before the start of each survey In the initial contact the planned implementation of the personal surveys was explained and support was offered with regard to the text for the invitation of the coaches trainers and board members The clubs were asked to forward an individual link to their coaches trainers and board members Via this specific club link which contained the ID of the club in each case it was then possible to assign the persons to the various clubs 4 4 2 Measurement The analysis of the groups of people which should be understood here as internal stakeholder groups of the clubs concerns the pro duction of know how The Sport Development Reports show that the problem of recruiting and retaining volunteer functionaries has

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