72 Sport Development Report for Germany 2017 2018 Part 1 Method cases financial information was provided on an incomprehensible scale This concerns both the revenue and expenditure side For this reason a financial filter was used for the analysis of the club finan ces as in the six previous waves of the Sport Development Report In order to obtain the most reliable financial values possible the fol lowing quality criteria were subsequently assumed 1 Income from membership fees number of members 0 50 2 4 Revenue expenditure 0 25 In addition in the seventh wave n 13 outliers were denied the quality of the data on club finances This quality filter made it possible to clearly limit the dispersion of financial data in the se venth wave Overall 94 9 of the clubs that provided information on club finances in the seventh wave meet these quality criteria All evaluations of club finances section 2 2 4 refer only to those clubs that meet these quality criteria 4 3 2 Representation 4 3 2 1 Sampling and response As in the first six waves the survey method used was an online survey The survey of this seventh wave was conducted from 23 10 2017 to 20 12 2017 The email addresses of the clubs provided by the federal state sports confederations served as the basis for the sample Of the total of 89 594 sports clubs in Germany DOSB 2017 a good 80 400 email addresses were forwarded A total of 80 421 sports clubs were invited by email to take part in the survey The sample was adjusted for those clubs that for various reasons could not participate in the survey The majority of these sample failures 3 073 were due to in correct email addresses and refusals A total of n 19 889 interviews were carried out which corresponds to a response rate of 25 7 see Table 24

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