71Method Sport Development Report for Germany 2017 2018 Part 1 advanced by among other things systematising the item battery on the association s self conception with regard to fields of action and target groups and by adding aspects of social compatibility and the prevention of negative common good functions This means that the construct of the public good has been operationalised much more comprehensively and systematically than before A theoreti cal orientation was provided by Rittner and Breuer 2004 The same applies to the functions of social integration or sociability and the provision of other sports activities In addition the entire question naire for the organisations was increasingly designed on the basis of theoretical foundations in particular the organisational capa city approach cf Hall et al 2003 Thus the three dimensions of organisational capacity human resources capacities financial capa cities and structural capacities are covered in the updated questi onnaire of the organisation survey of the seventh wave of the Sport Development Report The approach of organisational capacity has mean while become established in organisational sports research e g Doherty Misener Cuskelly 2014 Millar Doherty 2016 Misener Doherty 2013 Svensson Hambrick 2016 and serves among other things to explain organisational problems cf Wicker Breuer 2013 2014 An attempt was made to reduce possible errors in the answe ring process by formulating questions more clearly and compre hensibly cf e g also the item battery on the association s self conception or by providing further explanations and examples In addition as in the previous waves it was possible to contact the project team by telephone or email if participants had questions or if clarifications were needed In addition a complete overview of the questionnaire was sent to the participants on request as a pdf file or as a paper version Furthermore an attempt was made to exclude systematic re sponse errors from the analysis Thus the quality of the financial in formation always shows up problems in part of the sample In some

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