65Individuals Sport Development Report for Germany 2017 2018 Part 1 3 2 4 Motivation The board members were also asked about their motives or reasons for exercising their function on the board see Fig 20 and Fig 21 It can be seen that on a seven point scale from 1 strongly dis agree to 7 strongly agree the following four motives receive the highest agreement 1 because I want to do something for our club community M 6 05 2 because of my personal values and beliefs M 6 03 3 because I want to dedicate myself in my spare time to something that seems to make sense to me personally M 6 02 and 4 out of solidarity with the club M 6 02 Furthermore the enjoy ment and fun of the activity M 5 96 and helping others M 5 91 also plays an important role here In addition the motive for the activity is often cited as being that the commitment associated with the activity is good for the community M 5 87 thus making an important contribution to community M 5 79 and the work of the board members is a service to the community M 5 75 see Fig 20 On the other hand the gathering of experience M 4 75 plays a less important role Personal career motives such as personal development M 4 56 learning about things that can be applied in other areas M 4 55 and challenging oneself and testing one s own abilities M 4 35 are also less frequently cited as reasons for being a board member This also applies to motives of recognition M 3 68 or social prestige M 3 52 Here too material aspects such as mon ey M 1 28 the provision of sportswear M 1 20 or a reduction in membership fees M 1 19 see Fig 21 hardly play a role as motives among the board members surveyed

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