62 Sport Development Report for Germany 2017 2018 Part 1 Individuals Table 23 Satisfaction of the board members with their activity Scale Mean value General satisfaction with the board activities 0 not satisfied at all 10 extremely satisfied 7 51 Likelihood of recommending the board activities 0 unlikely 10 most likely 6 87 Consideration of terminating the board activities 0 never 10 very often 4 59 Likelihood of recommending the club 0 unlikely 10 most likely 8 86 If in addition to the general satisfaction the satisfaction of the surveyed board members with individual aspects of the activity is also considered here cf Fig 18 and Fig 19 an eleven point scale shows the highest satisfaction values for their own performance as board members M 7 65 cooperation within the club M 7 33 the flexible choice of operating times M 7 27 the equipment of the groups with sports equipment and materials M 7 13 and the club s sporting successes M 7 11 Likewise the openness to criti cism and suggestions for change in the club M 6 75 and the pro fessional support of the activities by the club M 6 63 also achieve on average rather higher satisfaction values In contrast the average level of satisfaction with the associations is lower as is already the case with coaches and trainers for example with regard to open ness to criticism and suggestions for change M 5 16 professional support for the activity M 5 75 and the association s reporting sys tem M 4 73 On average the surveyed board members are rather dissatisfied with the financial remuneration for work performed M 4 63 and tax benefits M 3 86

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