61Individuals Sport Development Report for Germany 2017 2018 Part 1 In addition the board members were also asked whether they were planning to do a training qualification course for their board commitment next year Here the average agreement rate is M 2 55 and thus quite clearly below the coaches and trainers intentions for further training and qualification M 3 62 However the ques tion about plans to give up the activity as a member of the board if a replacement was found shows a similarly high level of agreement M 2 56 as the question about the intention to pursue further trai ning This value was significantly lower for the coaches and trainers M 1 86 The commitment to a coaching position therefore seems to be higher than to a board position On the other hand only very few board members plan to work for another club as a board mem ber in the coming twelve months M 1 15 or even to leave the club M 1 09 see Table 22 3 2 3 Satisfaction If one looks at the general satisfaction of the board members sur veyed with their board activities it becomes apparent that the satis faction is also quite high M 7 51 but is somewhat below the average satisfaction of the coaches and trainers with their activities A similar picture emerges for the probability of recommending the activity M 6 87 which is slightly lower than for the coaches and trainers interviewed while the probability of recommending the club is higher among the board members M 8 86 The surveyed board members are therefore very satisfied with their club Nev ertheless quite a few around 40 M 4 59 of the board members surveyed have already considered terminating their activities as board members see Table 23 17 17 Here too it should be noted that the results can be regarded as not representative of the population of board members in Germany cf method section 4 4 3 3

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