59Individuals Sport Development Report for Germany 2017 2018 Part 1 3 2 Board members 3 2 1 Training Qualification The surveyed board members have various training and qualifica tions In general it should be noted that one person may have seve ral qualifications A good 5 of the board members surveyed said they had a club manager s C licence and just under 2 had a cor responding B licence 3 2 of the board members interviewed hold a DOSB youth leader licence and 1 7 state that they have a DOSB pre stage qualification Significantly more board members namely a good quarter of those surveyed have completed a commercial ap prenticeship and 14 have completed a degree in business admi nistration BWL management or law However 41 of the board members surveyed have no special training for the job see Table 21 Table 21 Training of the board members multiple answers possible Proportion in I have a club manager licence C from the DOSB 5 2 I have a club manager licence B from the DOSB 1 9 I have a youth leader licence from the DOSB 3 2 I have a DOSB pre stage qualification e g youth leader assistant group helper 1 7 I have completed a commercial apprenticeship 26 1 I have a degree with a focus on business administration management or law 14 0 Other training 18 6 I have no special training yet 41 0

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