56 Sport Development Report for Germany 2017 2018 Part 1 Individuals 3 1 4 Motivation When the coaches and trainers are asked about the reasons for their commitment a variety of motives emerge On a seven point scale from 1 strongly disagree to 7 strongly agree on average most coaches and trainers agree to do the activity because it is fun i e they enjoy it M 6 51 Other frequently cited reasons for working are a good feeling when carrying out the activity M 6 27 the plea sure of helping other people M 6 23 the attachment to and so lidarity with the sport M 6 21 and a meaningful involvement in leisure activities M 6 15 The motives for doing something good for the community M 5 76 and thus making an important contri bution to community M 5 65 are also rated rather highly on ave rage In addition personal development M 5 49 and the gathering of experience M 5 45 are mentioned more frequently as reasons for taking up the activity see Fig 16 The following results show that the club itself also plays a decisive role in motivating coaches and trainers to carry out their work Both the attachment to the club and the feeling of being part of the club have a high agreement level on the part of the coaches and trainers M 5 41 In addition a large proportion of the coa ches and trainers indicate that they want to get involved in club life through their engagement M 5 34 In contrast the personal environment is slightly less relevant for motivation i e family and friends and aspects of appreciation M 4 03 and social standing M 3 74 are also less pronounced Coaches and trainers are the least likely to give material aspects money reduced membership fees provision of sportswear as reasons for engaging in their acti vity see Fig 17

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