52 Sport Development Report for Germany 2017 2018 Part 1 Individuals Mean value I plan to work for another club within the next 12 months 1 29 I plan to resign from the club within the next 12 months 1 17 3 1 3 Satisfaction The results regarding the future commitment of the coaches and trainers have already shown that the surveyed coaches and trainers do not generally intend to end their work in the near future see section 3 1 2 The results of the general satisfaction fit this It can be seen that the average satisfaction of the surveyed coaches and trai ners with their work is generally very high On an eleven point scale from 0 not satisfied at all to 10 extremely satisfied the coa ches and trainers give an average value of M 8 00 The probability of recommending the activity M 7 74 and the club M 8 64 is also very high on average These positive results are underpinned by the fact that on average only a small number of coaches and trainers M 3 46 have so far considered terminating16 their current activities Table 20 Satisfaction of the coaches and trainers with their activity Item Scale Mean value General satisfaction with the activity 0 not satisfied at all 10 extremely satisfied 8 00 Likelihood of recommending the activity 0 unlikely 10 most likely 7 74 16 However it should be noted that the results can be considered as not representative for the overall population of coaches and trainers in Germany It could be that the coaches and trainers who were more committed and therefore possibly more satisfied tended to take part in the survey cf method section 4 4 3 3

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