51Individuals Sport Development Report for Germany 2017 2018 Part 1 3 1 2 Future commitment The majority of the coaches and trainers intend to continue their activities see Table 19 Thus on a scale from 1 no agreement to 5 very high agreement the average agreement is M 4 66 concerning the continuation of activity in the current season or year Slightly lower but still very high M 4 37 is the agreement with the inten tion to continue working for the club in the next season or next year while the 3 year value is slightly lower on average M 3 84 On the other hand the intention to do a training course for their activities next year is much less pronounced Here the average agreement of the coaches and trainers is M 3 62 Questions about a possible cessation of the activity if a replacement were to be found or the possible start of an activity in another club find on average only low agreement ratings M 1 86 and M 1 29 The same applies to a possible withdrawal from the club within the next year M 1 17 see Table 19 Table 19 Agreement of the coaches and trainers regarding the future commitment for their activity 1 strongly disagree 5 strongly agree Mean value I plan to continue working at this club until the end of this season the whole year 4 66 I plan to continue working at this club next season next year 4 37 I am likely to be working at this club three years from now 3 84 I plan to do a training course for my coaching activity in the coming year 3 62 I plan to give up my activity for this club as soon as a replacement for me is found 1 86

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