50 Sport Development Report for Germany 2017 2018 Part 1 Individuals Proportion in I have completed a training course from a commercial provider 2 6 I have completed another training course for my activity in sport 10 1 I do not have any training for my job in sports 20 6 With regard to the licences acquired from a federation or state sports confederation currently valid and no longer valid it can be seen that of all coaches and trainers working in sports clubs around 26 are qualified as coaches for sport specific mass sports and a good 20 are coaches for sport specific competitive sports15 Furthermore almost 23 of the participants stated that they were qualified as trainers for cross sport mass sports There is a tendency for fewer respondents 3 6 to have a youth leader card the so called Juleica cf Table 18 Table 18 Qualifications licences of coaches and trainers Proportion in Coach for sport specific mass sports qualification via a federation 26 2 Coach for sport specific competitive sports qualification via a federation 20 3 Trainer for cross sport mass sports 22 6 Juleica 3 6 none of the above qualifications 3 0 15 The proportion refers to all coaches and trainers in the sample

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