44 Sport Development Report for Germany 2017 2018 Part 1 Organisations In 2016 sports clubs in Germany continued to generate the highest revenues from 1 membership fees 2 donations 3 sport ing events 4 subsidies from the district city or municipality and 5 self operated restaurants Sports clubs also generate an average of around 1 200 from the sale of food and beverages e g at sports festivals or Christmas Markets see Table 16 This source of income has not been recorded separately so far but it seems to contribute essentially to the total revenue of the clubs and thus to a stable fi nancial situation Compared to the previous survey period there are some changes in the area of club income For example income from membership fees donations and perimeter board advertising con tracts has risen significantly while income from social events has declined The decline amounts to 18 5 while the largest increase 18 2 is in board advertising see Table 16 Table 16 Revenue of sports clubs in 2016 and its development n c not covered 2015 2016 Revenue from Mean value in Index Mean value 2015 0 Proportion of clubs that have revenue in Membership fees 17 518 7 3 100 0 Donations 3 705 12 9 75 6 Sports events entrance fees etc 1 597 40 3 Subsidies from the district city municipality 1 552 49 7 Self managed restaurant 1 257 13 1 Subsidies from sports organisations confederations at regional or local level 1 187 49 3

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