40 Sport Development Report for Germany 2017 2018 Part 1 Organisations 2 2 3 Sports facilities Almost 41 of sports clubs in Germany own their own sports faci lities including clubhouse This proportion has fallen significantly compared with 2015 see Table 13 Table 13 Use of club and public sports facilities and their development Proportion of Clubs in Clubs Total Index 2015 0 Use of club owned sports facilities 40 9 36 600 8 7 Use of public sports facilities 63 5 56 900 Thereof payment of user fees for public facilities 50 5 28 700 In addition to owning their own facilities 63 5 or a total of almost 57 000 clubs also use public sports facilities including school sports facilities Overall almost one third of all clubs have to pay fees for the use of public sports facilities In relation to the clubs using public facilities this is a good half of these clubs namely a total of around 28 700 clubs see Table 13 2 2 4 Finances The overall financial situation of sports clubs in Germany is reflected in the revenue expenditure account which is obtained by subtract ing total expenditure from total revenue It turns out that in 201610 10 Financial year before the survey

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