30 Sport Development Report for Germany 2017 2018 Part 1 Organisations Area Mean value Cronbach s alpha Collaboration 2 38 0 868Collaboration with kindergartens Collaboration with schools Sports policy and sports facilities 2 35 0 675 Condition of the sports facilities Availability of sports facilities Political and administrative support Number of laws ordinances regulations Financial situation of the club Organisation 2 27 0 730 Clarity about strategy and future development of the club Organisation of division of labour and responsibilities within the club Internet and social media skills Identification of the members with the club It can be seen that on average the clubs experience the great est problems in the area of members M 3 06 closely followed by the area of personnel M 2 88 In contrast internal organisational problems are the lowest M 2 27 If however instead of looking at the mean values we look at the clubs that have at least one very big problem in the five different areas a somewhat different picture emerges cf Fig 8

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