29Organisations Sport Development Report for Germany 2017 2018 Part 1 cruiting members volunteer functionaries trainers and coaches as well as due to the number of laws ordinances and regulations has continued to increase see Fig 6 On the other hand more than 60 of the clubs have no or only a very small problem in the are as of sports facilities financial situation internet and social media skills the organisation of the division of labour and responsibilities within the club and clarity about a strategy and the future develop ment of the club cf Fig 7 If one divides the various problems into summarising subject areas an exploratory factor analysis results in a division into five areas 1 Members 2 Personnel 3 Collaboration 4 Sports policy and sports facilities and 5 Organisation The assignment of the individual problems to these areas is shown in Table 12 Table 12 Problems by summarising area Area Mean value Cronbach s alpha Members 3 06 0 595 Retention recruitment of members Retention recruitment of young competitive athletes Personnel 2 88 0 811 Qualification of our trainers and coaches Retention recruitment of trainers and coaches Qualification of our volunteer functionaries Retention recruitment of referees officials Retention recruitment of volunteer functionaries Recruitment of volunteers for sporadic assignments

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