26 Sport Development Report for Germany 2017 2018 Part 1 Organisations 2 2 Support possibilities and needs 2 2 1 General and existential problems The sports clubs in Germany are confronted with various chal lenges Personnel problems continue to be the central issue On average the retention and recruitment of volunteer functiona ries young competitive athletes as well as trainers and coaches are the biggest problems for clubs In addition clubs are increasingly struggling to retain and recruit members and the retention and re cruitment of referees and officials is also posing problems for clubs Furthermore the clubs see themselves increasingly restricted by bureaucratic hurdles such as the number of laws ordinances and regulations with a simultaneous perceived lack of support from po litics and administration Around 30 of the clubs perceive both of these problems as major or very major As far as cooperation is con cerned about a quarter of the clubs see a major or very major prob lem in collaboration with schools and kindergartens see Fig 7 On average collaboration with schools is considered somewhat more difficult than with kindergartens see Fig 6 On the other hand in comparison to the problems already mentioned challenges due to the financial situation of the club or also with regard to availability and the condition of sports facili ties are smaller With regard to the availability of the sports facilities used the perceived pressure of the problem has even decreased si gnificantly over the last two years cf Fig 6 Here half of the clubs state that they do not have a problem and 20 of the clubs consider the problem to be small see Fig 7 One reason could be the gra dual return of sports facilities used for refugees to the clubs In contrast to the time availability however the perceived condition of the sports facilities has tended to deteriorate since 2015 even if the over all problem is on average rather minor In addition the per ceived pressure of the problem in the area of retaining and re

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