24 Sport Development Report for Germany 2017 2018 Part 1 Organisations ment position This management position is mainly filled on a part time basis Compared to 2015 the values are stable see Table 11 Table 11 Paid management position in the club Proportion of Clubs in Clubs Total Paid management position 6 4 5 700 Full time 2 1 1 900 Part time 4 3 3 900 2 1 7 Communication media To communicate sports clubs in Germany use various communi cation media This involves both new and social media as well as traditional forms of communication see Fig 5 Almost four out of five clubs use a website for communica tion a good 60 use WhatsApp for communication and almost half also use their own Facebook page However around 47 of the clubs also use the local newspaper and display cases while slight ly less than 30 of the clubs use notices in shops and the weekly newspapers to communicate news Newsletters a club newspaper and poster advertising are used by around 15 of clubs in Germany However a club app Instagram a team management app and Twit ter have been used less frequently to date Around 17 of the clubs also stated that they use other media for communication purposes see Fig 5 Here above all email flyers or handouts as well as the municipal or official gazette were mentioned

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