19Organisations Sport Development Report for Germany 2017 2018 Part 1 an important basis for competitive high performance sport in the federal states as well as at the national level Compared to 2015 si gnificantly more clubs claim to have squad athletes The increase corresponds to around 12 see Table 3 Table 3 Sports clubs with squad athletes and their development Proportion of Clubs in Clubs Total Index 2015 0 Squad athletes 15 3 13 700 12 3 In addition to clubs with squad athletes an even higher pro portion of clubs indicate that in 2016 athletes from their club were called into a selection at local regional or federal level This applies to 28 6 or around 25 600 clubs see Table 4 Table 4 Sports clubs with athletes who were called into a local regional or federal selection in 2016 Proportion of Clubs in Clubs Total Athletes called into a selection at local regional or federal level 28 6 25 600 2 1 3 Healthcare for the population In the area of healthcare for the population almost one in three sports clubs or around 28 000 sports clubs in Germany offer health related programmes Viewed in a differentiated way most of the clubs that have sports programmes in the health sector offer them

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