18 Sport Development Report for Germany 2017 2018 Part 1 Organisations Pursuant to 75 of the Eighth Social Code SGB VIII legal persons and associations of persons can be recognised as providers of independent youth welfare if they are active in the field of youth welfare pursue charitable goals are expected to be able to make a not inconsiderable contribution to the fulfilment of the tasks of youth welfare on the basis of the professional and personnel re quirements and provide the guarantee of work conducive to the objectives of the German Basic Law Grundgesetz In Germany at least 9 6 i e a total of more than 8 600 sports clubs are recognis ed as providers of independent youth welfare services Compared to the previous survey this proportion has increased significantly while the proportion of clubs that are not recognised as providers of independent youth welfare services has decreased However the high proportion of clubs that were unable to answer this question around 58 is still striking This proportion has also increased si gnificantly compared to 2015 see Table 2 Table 2 Club is recognised as a provider of independent youth welfare services in accordance with 75 SGB VIII Club recognised as independent youth welfare provider Proportion of Clubs in Clubs Total Index 2015 0 yes 9 6 8 600 12 3 no 32 0 28 700 7 6 don t know 58 4 52 300 3 1 Competitive sport in Germany would hardly be conceiv able without sports clubs 15 3 or around 13 700 clubs have squad ath letes7 at D D C C B or A squad level in their ranks Thus they form 7 Federal and state squads

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