17Organisations Sport Development Report for Germany 2017 2018 Part 1 which should be critically examined especially against the backdrop of demographic development and the steady increase in the propor tion of older people among the population Federal Statistical Office 2015 2 1 2 General structural features Half of all sports clubs require a monthly membership fee for child ren of up to 3 for adolescents of maximum 4 and for adults of maximum 8 see Table 1 Table 1 Monthly membership fees in sports clubs Monthly membership fee for Median5 in Median in System Perspective Children 3 00 5 00 Adolescents 4 00 6 00 Adults 8 00 9 30 If in addition the membership fees are considered from the member weighted system perspective cf section 4 3 2 2 so that the results are representative for the members of sports clubs in Germany rather than for the sports clubs the median for all three groups is higher cf Table 1 This shows that the members of the clubs pay on average higher membership fees than the analysis of the club perspective suggests6 5 The median refers to the value below and above which 50 of the distribution lies It is less susceptible to distortions upwards and downwards than the mean value average 6 In addition there are likely to be differences specific to each sport although these have not been further investigated here

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